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Noodle School 16 mins
At the Gansu Dingle Noodle School in Lanzhou, China, many have traveled to learn the art of making hand-pulled noodles. Ten students from different walks of life try to master the craft with hopes of changing their fortunes.

China’s Bug-Eating Industry  35 mins   Pt 1  Pt 2
In China, insects were once seen as a last-resort famine food. Today, they’re a pricey snack for the adventurous or nostalgic. From medicinal ingredient to gourmet delicacy and sustainable protein, this is a look at the past, present, and future of Chinese insect cuisine.

The World’s Best Caviar 12 mins
The taste-tests have spoken: some of the world’s highest-rated caviar comes from a lake in eastern China. Kaluga Queen sturgeon farm is the country’s leading caviar producer; their luxurious sturgeon roe may have Michelin approval, but the farm is still struggling to redefine the “Made in China” tag.

In Development

Untitled feature 2020-

A feature documentary following a group of trans boxers in Brooklyn, NY, navigating the brave new world after Covid-19.

Modern Shaman 
30 mins | trailer

In status-crazed, image-obsessed modern-day Seoul, a young man drops out of college to become a shaman. Drawn into an ancient North Korean shamanistic tradition, he grapples with the decision to embrace his spiritual calling in Korea’s increasingly materialistic society.

The Newark Project feature 2018—
Set in Newark, New Jersey, this documentary explores the future of affordable housing in America. As the United States faces growing uncertainty and political scandal, how are policies and attitudes towards housing, gentrification and poverty changing?


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